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Our Products

Paper is the core business of the Nippon Paper Group, and in this area we boast the largest market share in Japan. With outstanding technological abilities and a lineup of high-quality products in a wide variety of specifications, we respond to diverse needs in terms of brightness, thickness, texture, gloss of printed surface, mixture ratio of recovered paper, and other factors.
In the newsprint business we have production bases in Japan and overseas. We are highly acclaimed for our stable supply and quality, and our high mixture ratio of recovered paper, and we currently hold the largest share of Japan’s newsprint market.

  • Newsprint and high bright newsprint
Printing and writing paper
Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of products including coated, lightweight coated, woodfree, and mechanical paper.
Our low-density technology, which we have developed ahead of other companies in the industry, enables production of products highly acclaimed for their lighter weight without sacrificing quality. We also provide woodfree and book paper that are a product of this technology. With our reliable technological abilities we will continue to respond to customer needs that are becoming increasingly diverse and sophisticated.

  • Coated paper,
  • lightweight coated paper,
  • paper for textbook,
  • gravure paper,
  • cast coated paper,
  • woodfree paper,
  • book paper, mechanical paper,
  • woodfree colored paper
Business communication paper
Business communication paper is used for a wide range of purposes, and outstanding properties are demanded. We work proactively to ensure stably supply of high-quality products and to develop new products by consolidating our technological strengths.

  • Carbonless copying paper, business form paper,
  • PPC Paper, Thermal Paper,
  • ink-jet paper,
  • base paper of photosensitive paper
Industrial paper
In industrial paper we provide base paper for products used daily, such as envelopes, carrier bags, and paper cups.

  • Wrapping paper:Pure white machine-glazed paper,
  • machine-glazed kraft paper,
  • kraft wrapping,
  • bleached kraft paper,
  • glassine paper
  • Converting paper:Base paper for stickers,
  • base paper for release paper,
  • base paper for process paper,
  • base paper for paper cups,
  • base paper for wall paper,
  • bleached kraft paper for copper-clad laminate,
  • metal joined paper

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